Overlake on forefront of cochlear technology

September 10, 2015

Overlake Medical Center recently became the first hospital in the state to perform surgery and insert the world’s slimmest cochlear implant, helping a 23-year-old woman regain her sense of sound after suffering substantial hearing loss. The implant, which helps the brain process sound by bypassing damaged cells, is just 3.9 millimeters thick and twice as strong as previous implants.

The tiny implant is yields a less intrusive surgery, and it’s more discreet, allowing recipients to enjoy active lives without having attention drawn the implant. Doctors performed the implant surgery in July and activated the device Aug. 28, allowing the woman to hear for the first time since she was 14.

This use of new medical technology is inspiring, as it represents a great innovation that has the potential to change the lives of so many Washington residents.Read more about the first implant surgery here in this story from the Bellevue Reporter. (Tim Pfarr)

Across the state, hospitals and health system leaders are doing amazing work to care for their patients and communities in innovative ways. Our goal is to feature all of our 100 members at least once through the course of the year. If you are a WSHA member with a story to tell, please contact Mary Kay Clunies-Ross.


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