Overhauling the state’s pharmacy rules

September 6, 2017

The Washington State Pharmacy Commission (PQAC) is conducting a comprehensive rewrite of its regulatory rules (more than 300 pages) in an effort to streamline and modernize Washington’s pharmacy rules. This work will begin at PQAC’s initial stakeholder meetings September 13-15. WSHA has advocated for the past three years that PQAC modernize its rules. Many of PQAC’s rules are outdated and no longer represent best practice or current realities.

This is a big undertaking, with the first phase of this work focusing on identifying priority areas and drafting language. We expect this phase will be completed in a year. PQAC will likely need an additional year to take its recommendations and have its language adopted through the state rulemaking process.

WSHA is thrilled that PQAC is taking a comprehensive approach to rewriting its rules. WSHA will continue to advocate on behalf of hospitals and health systems to ensure new rules are calibrated correctly and address priority areas like tele-pharmacy, which has the potential to expand access to pharmacy care in Washington. (Ian Corbridge)


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