WSHA recruiting hospital action teams to target multi-visit patients (MVPs)

November 17, 2018

WSHA is recruiting highly motivated teams willing to engage in an evidence-based, nationally successful readmissions program. We are honored to partner with Dr. Amy Boutwell, a nationally recognized thought leader in the field of reducing readmissions and improving care for multi-visit patients (MVPs).

The MVP Method is a clinically-credible, operationally-feasible, locally-adaptable, and effective method for improving care for “multi-visit patients” or MVPs (formerly known as high-utilizers). The root causes of MVP readmissions span medical, behavioral and social challenges.  Under Dr. Boutwell’s leadership, the MVP Method focuses on identifying MVP needs and developing community partnerships to support care beyond the hospital.  It has been successfully implemented by over 100 teams in multiple states.

WSHA is recruiting eight highly motivated hospital teams (action teams) to participate in MVP implementation coaching with Dr. Boutwell by December 1. These action teams will receive individualized dedicated coaching from Dr. Boutwell to accelerate adoption and troubleshoot implementation challenges. Coaching is only available to hospitals enrolled in the WSHA Partnership for Patients Initiative.

The MVP Method fills an important gap in the portfolio of readmission reduction strategies. Contact Sue Bergmann if you are interested.


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