New vistas: I have decided to retire from WSHA early next year

March 24, 2016

As I have said to my board, staff and members this week, it has been a privilege to serve as CEO of WSHA. I joined this great organization five years ago, after having been a member myself. Over the last five years, we have done amazing work with members and internally to help ensure our communities have access to high-quality health services. I am proud of what we have accomplished and excited about the work we’re going to do this year.

There is much yet to accomplish in the months ahead, and I’ll be devoting my full energy to advancing our ambitious goals. I care deeply about this state and our varied and wonderful communities. WSHA has been a wonderful place for me to be for the last five years, and I’ve been honored to work with a staff that is truly, deeply committed to making health care better for everyone in Washington. I look forward to continuing to support their work and to ensure a good transition to the next generation of leadership.

Today’ press release has more details about the board’s transition plans, but you will not see any plans to lay off the gas. We have an ambitious strategic plan that we need to stay focused on, and that’s what we’re going to do.


Scott Bond

President and CEO


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