New Reporting Process for Inpatient WVA-supplied Vaccines

February 21, 2024

The Washington Vaccine Association (WVA) has developed and announced a notification process for hospitals to report WVA supplied vaccines provided during an inpatient stay. The new process was developed by a Hospital Billing Workgroup comprised of hospitals, payers, WA Department of Health staff, and WVA staff. Hospitals should be compliant with the new process by July 1, 2024.

The new process is intended to address the issue of allocating Dosage-Based Assessments (DBAs) among carriers for WVA funded vaccines provided on an inpatient basis. The assessments fund bulk purchasing of pediatric vaccines and immunotherapies distributed to and provided by hospitals and providers that participate in the WVA program. Under the new process, hospitals will issue an 837 or CMS-1500 type transaction to the appropriate carrier or third-party administrator, but it will be for reporting of DBAs rather than claims payment.

Details are in the WVA Inpatient Billing Guide. (Andrew Busz,


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