New opportunity to help employees make informed decisions about their student loan obligations

March 13, 2019

The Washington State Hospital Association is pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with InsMed Loan Advisory Services, a company dedicated to helping medical professionals make informed decisions about their student loan obligations, risk management needs, and personal financial wellness.

This partnership will allow institutions to provide their medical professionals—regardless of where they are in their personal careers—an additional employee benefit to address their student loan challenges and improve financial wellness. Among the services InsMed offers are individual student loan counseling, development of employer-sponsored student loan repayment solutions, navigation of the public service loan forgiveness program and many others. InsMed works with institutions directly to customize its services to meet the specific needs of each institution’s workforce.

More U.S. workers are feeling the financial burden of student loans. In fact, 40 percent of millennials with student loans say they have a negative impact on their ability to meet other financial obligations, according to survey by PwC of 1,600 full-time employees. Institutions can use these service offerings from InsMed Loan Advisory to recruit, retain, and engage employees. By demonstrating an understanding of their employees’ financial challenges—and connecting them with the necessary resources to tackle them—employers can gain a competitive edge in a tightening labor market.

About InsMed Loan Advisory Services
InsMed is focused on delivering relevant, timely, and actionable advice to all medical professionals, regardless of where they are in their professional careers. InsMed believes the route to personal and professional wellness includes many different paths and is eager to help member hospitals find the best path for them.


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