New clean buildings standard: Start planning for compliance

April 2, 2021

WSHA issued a bulletin about the new clean buildings standard that requires compliance as early as June 1, 2026. The standard requires hospitals to make investments in their buildings to reduce energy usage. The bulletin provides a high-level overview of the regulations and recommended next steps. WSHA played an active role in the rule making process to ensure hospitals’ unique needs were reflected in the final standard. WSHA’s advocacy led to appropriate energy targets for hospitals and health care facilities, the financial hardship exemption and other technical changes that reflect hospitals’ unique operations. Additionally, WSHA will be hosting a webinar with the Washington State Department of Commerce on May 19, 2021 that will cover the clean building standard; mandatory requirements, compliance paths, customer support and the early adopter incentive program. After the presentation, Commerce staff will be available to answer questions about compliance with the new standard. Registration is available online.


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