Morton General Hospital: Self-care groups

September 20, 2017

There is increasing focus on the need for prevention and wellness training in health care. The epidemic of chronic disorders is often worsened by lifestyle choices, stress and other social factors. The good news is that many of those challenges respond well to whole-person approaches that help patients manage and reduce symptoms.

To respond to that need, Morton General Hospital developed “Mind, Body, Spirit: Self-Care Groups” to help supplement traditional medical care. Available at no charge to the area’s economically depressed population, these groups have been held in three different locations, making them more available to those in the hospital district who have challenges with transportation. Everyone is welcome.

Whether it is disease management, stress management, pain management or just living life more fully, these groups are opportunities for participants to incorporate fun, playfulness and humor while listening to one another and sharing individual wisdom and experience. (Mary Kay Clunies-Ross)


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