Member spotlight: Summit Pacific Medical Center plans expansion

February 14, 2024

Summit Pacific will double its acute care beds from 10 to 20, with the flexibility to accommodate up to 25 beds, ensuring increased capacity to meet growing demand. The current emergency department will undergo significant expansion, increasing treatment spaces from 10 to 16, improving response capabilities and reducing waiting times.

The project focuses on improving patient care with increased areas for triage and patient holding, designated mental health rooms, expanded trauma rooms and improved waiting areas. Innovative design changes will be implemented to enhance patient flow, promising an improved overall patient experience and heightened safety measures.

 The estimated $60 million hospital expansion will be financed through revenue bonds.

“As we embark on this transformative journey with our expansion project, the financial strategy we’ve crafted will provide significant benefits for Summit Pacific and our community. By meeting our project start date, we are proactive in minimizing the impact of inflation, ensuring that our resources are utilized efficiently,” Summit Pacific CEO Josh Martin said.

In spring 2024, Summit Pacific will again host town hall forums for the Grays Harbor community. Hospital leaders anticipate providing additional informative updates at local events throughout 2024. (Daniel Pérez)


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