LifeNet Health NW Recovery Team rises to the top!

September 23, 2021

The LifeNet Health Trophy Belt program provides biannual awards to its 37 national recovery partners and three internal regional offices that excel in several predetermined tissue recovery areas. These belts travel around the country finding a temporary home at the best performing tissue recover organization. With an endless vision and the steadfast desire to rise to the top, the LifeNet Health Northwest Tissue Team members put their assiduous minds together to improve their recovery of saphenous veins. This dream team turned their dream into reality and obtained first place nationally to win the saphenous vein title belt, with the average vein yields coming in at 86.05%.

This vein yield average was the highest percentage recovered since the beginning of the program. This award was previously yield by Donor Network of Arizona but has found its way back home to the Pacific Northwest. The pertinacity of this team to win the award is only a small portion of how this team operates to reach these goals and ensure they recover donor gifts with the utmost quality. The cream rises to the top, and the LifeNet Health Northwest team is only getting started!

Donated saphenous veins are frequently used to restore circulation to the lower extremities caused by peripheral vascular disease and as coronary artery bypass grafts.

LifeNet Health is a Washington Hospital Services Industry Partner. The Industry Partner program connects hospitals with product and service organizations to create efficiencies, lower costs and deliver exceptional health care. For more information about LifeNet Health  or the WHS Industry Partner Program, contact Cynthia Hay at or call (206) 216-2526. (Cynthia Hay)


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