L&I Webinars for Employers on Workers’ Rights and Overtime Pay

January 6, 2021

The Department of Labor & Industries announced new webinars for employers regarding workers’ rights and overtime pay. The workers’ rights webinars will educate employers about the rights of their employees and provide helpful resources to assist them in complying with the provisions of employment law under L&I’s jurisdiction. The overtime pay webinars will provide information regarding the state’s overtime rules, including the job duties tests for each exemption category and the new minimum salary thresholds employees must earn to qualify as exempt from the protections of the state Minimum Wage Act. Click here for registration information about the webinars and scroll through the “Event Title” dropdown to find the “Employer Guide to Workers’ Rights” and “Overtime Exemptions Training Sessions” webinars. (David Streeter, DavidS@wsha.org)


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