L&I Releases Updated Policies on Employment Relationships and Hours Worked

July 21, 2021

The Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) released two administrative policies that provide interpretive guidance concerning employment relationships and hours worked by employees. ES.C.2 is an updated version of L&I’s existing administrative policies concerning hours worked. One new policy adopted in ES.C.2 classifies the time employees spend undergoing security and health screenings as hours worked, which may require your hospital to update its internal policies. ES.A.14 is a new administrative policy that provides guidance to employers on employment relationships under the Minimum Wage Act and independent contractors. WSHA participated in L&I’s stakeholder process for the two documents in coalition with the broader business community and provided hospital feedback to the Department. Please review ES.A.14 and ES.C.2 to understand L&I’s latest administrative guidance for employers.(David Streeter, DavidS@wsha.org)


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