L&I and stakeholders continue to discuss reasonable provisions on hospital equipment

November 10, 2015

The Washington State Department of Labor (L&I) and stakeholder groups continue to discuss modifying the Hazardous Drugs rules in WAC 296-62-500, Part R, to allow flexibility in provisions related to hospital equipment needed for the handling of hazardous drugs. The agency has been in process of rulemaking following a petition by the Hazardous Drug Advisory Committee in 2014. The flexibility sought via the rulemaking process will allow the retention of current equipment as long as it meets certain standards. These cost efficient and rational steps will allow the savings of thousands of dollars of expense across the state. WSHA members and others have taken an important role in this work. We would like to thank both Group Health and the Washington State Pharmacy Association for their advocacy efforts. WSHA and our member hospitals will need to support their work during the upcoming rule making process. (Ian Corbridge)


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