Learn how to negotiate like a pro, level up your negotiation skills with WHS Advanced Negotiations course

April 3, 2024

Washington Hospital Services (WHS) is partnering with an associate professor of public policy at the Harvard Kennedy School to launch a brand new negotiations course designed exclusively for WSHA members. Don’t miss your chance to level up your negotiation skills and learn from the best. The course starts on May 1. View WHS’s complete programming and sign up for the class. You can also watch the recent information session for more course details.

The virtual five-week courses are designed to equip working professionals with practical negotiations strategies and frameworks to achieve business objectives and maximize benefits for themselves and their organizations. The courses are facilitated virtually via Zoom, incorporating both didactic and collaborative learning methods that accommodate various learning styles. This program is designed for both rising and senior leaders to help them navigate complex, ambiguous or conflict-laden negotiations with finesse.

Group discounts are available. For more information, email Jenn Bui, jennb@wsha.org. (Jenn Bui)


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