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February 16, 2023

Do you have project managers or program managers on your team who could brush up on their project management skills? Sign them up for WHS’ Project Management courses to develop the skills they need to manage complex health care projects. If your organization is looking to control costs, reduce risk, and improve outcomes in how health care services are delivered, project management can offer structure and proven methodology to succeed in health care projects.

AWPHD scholarships are available to PHD staff. If you are interested, contact Joanna Castellanos at joannac@awphd.org.

Flex funding is available for critical access hospital staff. If you are interested, contact Megan Herman at meganh@wsha.org.

If you don’t qualify, we also have group discounts and bundle options for some extra savings. See registration page for full program details.

WHS is proud to partner with Total Systems Education, a Premier Authorized Training Partner of the Project Management Institute, and a proud member of PMI®’s ‘Best of the Best’ club, as a recipient of the “Professional Education Provider of the Year” award.

For more information, email Jenn Bui, jennb@wsha.org. (Jenn Bui)


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