Klickitat Valley Health partners with Eagle Telemedicine

December 20, 2023

Klickitat Valley Health (KVH) has partnered with Eagle Telemedicine in an initiative aimed at enhancing critical patient care within the hospital. Eagle Telemedicine brings together highly trained doctors available 24/7 to consult, provide medical direction, and support the Emergency Department (ED), hospitalist providers and nursing staff at KVH.

“This collaboration signifies a genuine partnership dedicated to enhancing the quality of care we offer to our sickest patients,” said Erin Wooley, chief clinical officer. “In today’s rapidly evolving health care landscape, access to timely and specialized medical expertise is essential. Eagle Telemedicine aims to bridge geographical and logistical barriers, ensuring that patients here at KVH receive the highest level of care regardless of the time of day or night.”

Some highlights of the service offered through this partnership include round-the-clock access, which ensures 24/7 access to a team of highly trained physicians, enabling immediate consultation and support for critical cases, quicker decision-making, more accurate diagnoses and timely interventions. This all contributes to improved patient outcomes. Additionally, with access to specialized telemedicine services, KVH can reduce the need for patient transfers to distant facilities.

When an ED provider on duty identifies a patient who would benefit from additional medical expertise, they can easily reach out to an Eagle Telemedicine provider. This initial contact initiates a thorough review of the patient’s case. Utilizing a state-of-the-art teledoc cart – equipped with essential peripheral examination equipment like a stethoscope, ophthalmoscope and otoscope – the Eagle Telemedicine provider can perform a comprehensive evaluation of the patient.

Following this assessment, the KVH ED provider and Eagle Telemedicine specialist collaborate closely, discussing the patient’s condition and medical history, and together, they develop a personalized plan of care that is both timely and tailored to the patient’s unique needs. (Daniel Pérez)



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