It starts with a handshake

November 8, 2017

On Tuesday night, Democrat Manka Dhingra won the election for the 45th district. Her joining of the democratic caucus will change the balance of power in the House. About $9 million poured into the most expensive legislative race in state history.

Election season can be a divisive time, but it’s only one part of the democratic process. The other part is that of coming together.

Fall is an ideal time for hospital leaders to meet with local legislators. Whether it’s a new or an old relationship, it’s worth building. It’s time to invite your legislators into your hospital and tell them your story — the care you provide, the patients you see, your quality improvements and how you’re working to meet your community’s needs.

We at WSHA know that every day, hospitals provide tremendous community benefits. Free and reduced health care is provided at levels unlike any other industry, and hospitals also provide research, education, housing, mental health and social services. You and your legislators serve the same community. That’s the perfect place to start the conversation. You have more in common than you think.

Not sure how to make the most of these conversations? Let us know and we can help. But it all starts with a handshake.

Chris Bandoli
WSHA Senior Vice President of Government Affairs


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