Impact of sepsis especially felt by WA seniors

September 26, 2019

This Sepsis Awareness Month, we at WSHA want to spread awareness of how sepsis impacts Washington State residents. While anyone can be impacted by sepsis, in Washington, individuals older than 65 are particularly vulnerable. In 2018, seniors older than 65 significantly outnumbered those under 65 in both number of sepsis cases and deaths among those with sepsis.

In Washington, evidence-based protocols for rapid and effective treatment of patients identified with sepsis and septic shock have been effective in improving care and outcomes for patients with sepsis. WSHA aims to provide guidance and support to our members in this work by offering education and training events throughout the year – bringing in local and national experts to share their research and knowledge about best practices. If you would like to learn more or engage with us in addressing sepsis our state, please contact Sue Bergmann or visit our online resources page.


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