Help promote new COVID-19 boosters

October 19, 2022

With the hazy wildfire smoke, ample sunshine and record-high temperatures, it feels like summer has blown right into October. Things are about to change though, and those of us on the west side of the mountains are likely to get our first round of autumn rain by this weekend. This return to more seasonal conditions will send us back inside more often, increasing the risks of contracting COVID-19. We are urging our members to get their bivalent COVID-19 boosters, and to promote the booster to their staff, patients and communities.

We’ve heard from the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) that less than 10 percent of those eligible for the booster have received it. DOH has asked us and our members to promote the booster. Getting boosted is the best way to update immunity with protection from the most recent COVID-19 strains circulating in our communities. You can help people find their vaccine using DOH’s vaccine locator. Many locations will administer the annual flu vaccine at the same time, saving people an extra trip and hopefully giving them one more protection from serious illness or hospitalization.

Using DOH’s locator tool, I found a well-organized and well-staffed pop-up vaccine clinic at a senior center in my neighborhood and was easily able to get my booster. They could have handled more patients, and I posted on my neighborhood’s Facebook page encouraging others to take advantage of this great resource.

I hope you will join me in promoting boosters to help prevent a fall and winter COVID-19 surge.


Cassie Sauer
WSHA President & CEO


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