Healthy Doctors, Healthier Patients

October 22, 2015

The Washington State Medical Association shared the perspective of their new president, Dr. Ray Hsiao, in a recent “WSMA Reports.” Dr. Hsiao, a child psychiatrist and addiction specialist from Seattle, was elected president of WSMA at the association’s annual meeting in Spokane Sept. 27.

Dr. Hsiao was interviewed on a great number of topics related to the challenges of the medical profession, including burnout, stress caused by administrative burdens and the struggle for a work-life balance. Read Dr. Hsiao’s interview here.

The Healthy Doctors, Healthier Patients initiative will specifically seek to expose and alleviate practice burdens in order to grow and sustain a workforce of engaged, caring providers who have rich and fulfilling professional and personal lives. (Mary Kay Clunies-Ross)


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