Health Support Team training offered by Washington COVID-19 Behavioral Health Group

September 24, 2020

The Washington State Department of Health COVID-19 Behavioral Health Group is currently offering Health Support Team (HST) training for Washington health care workers. These trainings are held virtually and at no cost to individuals or organizations. The HST training uses a disaster behavioral health training curriculum to train participants in providing ongoing support services to workplace teams, colleagues, and community organizations in the aftermath of a natural or human-made disaster. Additionally, participants will learn tools for coping with a crisis or disaster across the continuum of preparedness, acute response, and recovery. Trained individuals teach others what they have learned and, in turn, create additional assets to support workplace resilience.

For more information on the training, offering dates, and a registration link, please view this announcement. Organizations/leaders can register their whole team at the link. Individuals are also permitted to attend the training, but teams are encouraged to register together whenever possible.


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