Harrison Medical Center’s Silverdale expansion focuses on sustainability

July 18, 2018

Ronn Goodnough
Ronn Goodnough received cancer treatment at Harrison Medical Center while serving as the clinical lead on the Silverdale campus expansion.

In 2015, Ronn Goodnough learned he had cancer for the second time in four years. Such news never comes at a good time, but Ronn’s arrived while he was serving as the clinical lead for Harrison Medical Center’s Acute Care Expansion Project, which is expanding the medical center’s campus in Silverdale.

Ronn’s care required surgery and chemotherapy, and his family was at the forefront of his mind as he continued his work on the hospital’s expansion. Having spent a decade working in pediatric nursing, he knew that the hospital is a sacred space where people experience extreme emotions. Little details, such as the direction the windows face or the location of the bathroom in a patient room, are important when it comes to offering the best possible care.

Sustainability also goes along with offering a healing environment, and hospital leaders plan to chart the sustainability of the expansion using the energy use intensity (EUI) scale, which measures how much energy a building uses based on its size. While a typical hospital may have an EUI rating of between 200 and 300, the goal is for the expansion to achieve an EUI rating of 120. Trees from the property were used as timber in the structure, and the parking garage will rely on natural wind to blow away exhaust, doing away with the need for ducts to pump out air.

When the expansion is complete, the hospital will also feature an on-site healing garden containing boulders excavated during construction, as well as an intersection with a local 3.7-mile trail, which crosses through a specially designed lobby, giving staff and visitors an opportunity to take a walk along the trail.

Hospital staff at the Silverdale campus will see their first patient in 2020. Ronn is now cancer-free after receiving his treatment at Harrison, and he looks forward to the great things providers will be able to accomplish in the new facility.

Read more about Harrison Medical Center’s Silverdale expansion. (Tim Pfarr)


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