Giving thanks for a strong health care community

November 25, 2015

Thanksgiving is celebrated across the country with hearty turkey meals, football and the famous Macy’s Day Parade. But those are just side dishes compared with the real centerpiece of the holiday: that moment when you pause and be present and grateful in the moment. Maybe you’re grateful for your family, or for your friends who have become your family, or maybe just for the day off. But if it’s good, take the moment to be thankful for it, whatever it is.

Researchers tell us what spiritual leaders have said for millennia: it’s good to give thanks. It’s good to notice the world around you, and take a moment to be appreciative for what you see. It’s also good to take a moment and be grateful for what you don’t see.

The years I spent working in hospitals drove this home, which is why we tell their stories this week. For hospitals, there is never a day off. While most Americans are home with their families, physicians, nurses, techs, managers and cleaning crews are still hard at work. They are also doing everything they can to make sure that their patients and families can celebrate the holiday too. I’m thankful for what these caring professionals do every day.

I’m also thankful to be in this beautiful state. Many of you know the love I have for Washington. In health care and in so many other walks of life, we have people working incredibly hard to make life better for others. Working together, we have made Washington special.

So with great humbleness to family, friends, co-workers and care providers everywhere, thank you and happy Thanksgiving.

Scott Bond
President and CEO



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