GE Healthcare case studies illustrate holistic radiation dose management

September 29, 2016


Washington Hospital Services Industry Partner GE Healthcare is helping clients move beyond compliance into a holistic approach to radiation dose management. A new white paper, Beyond Compliance: Dose Management for Meaningful Change, highlights best practices from three organizations: the Hawaii Division of Kaiser Permanente, Salem Health and Affidea. While the specific needs of each of these organizations were different, they were each able to partner with GE Healthcare to accomplish the following objectives:

  1. Transform awareness of the problem
  2. Create a system-wide plan to both minimize and justify high-dose procedures
  3. Eliminate outliers
  4. Reduce patient radiation exposure across the health care organization

To learn about how GE was able to give these organizations the tools they needed to have a real impact on their dose management programs, download the whitepaper. To learn more about GE Healthcare or any of our other Industry Partners, please visit our website or contact Paul Unsworth at (206) 577-1806. (Paul Unsworth)


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