From one Washington to the other

May 17, 2017

Last week, more than a dozen hospital executives traveled with Cassie, Claudia, Chelene, Wendy and I to Washington, D.C., for the American Hospital Association Annual Meeting. This is a terrific opportunity for WSHA staff and members to travel back east and connect with our peers and with elected officials. We were fortunate to spend time with Sen. Maria Cantwell and representatives from every other Congressional office, all of whom gave us thoughtful time and attention. They are eager to stay connected to Washington State, and visitors from home are always welcome.

As dependably as planets revolve around the sun, every conversation seemed to orbit around the House’s reform bill. Barely passed in the House, the American Health Care Act was not exactly welcomed into the Senate. However, it is an opportunity for senators on both sides of the aisle to begin a conversation about health care reform. Despite concerns about the AHCA from many in the Senate, we still face an uphill battle in protecting the coverage expansions gained under the ACA. WSHA and many other groups will continue to advocate to protect the expansion of health care options.

On this coast, it’s been deceptively quiet in Olympia. Session is not over. The governor is busy signing bills while House and Senate budget leaders try to bridge the gap between their two approaches. We’re going to have a webcast next Tuesday to talk about both state and federal health care news, and you can find details and registration information here. The webcast is open to everyone, and look forward to answering your questions!

Chris Bandoli
WSHA Senior Vice President of Advocacy and Government Affairs


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