Explore telemedicine post-COVID in the Spring Forward eSeries

April 22, 2021

COVID-19 has served as a catalyst across health care innovation and delivery. The pandemic has accelerated the digitization and virtualization of health care from telemedicine to remote patient monitoring, with long-term implications for more continuous, proactive, personalized, anytime, anywhere health and medicine, increasingly moving from the hospital to the home. In the first session of WSHA’s Spring Forward eSeries, Telemedicine Post COVID-19, Hospital at Home and Expansion of Technology, Dr. Daniel Kraft will explore what’s emerging and coming next in prevention, diagnostics and therapy and its implications for hospital systems and providers.

Learning objectives for Dr. Kraft’s session include:

  • Explaining several of the major shifts that have been accelerated in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and their implications for the future of health and medicine
  • Exploring how the pandemic has enabled new forms of diagnostics and therapy that will have impact beyond infectious diseases; and
  • Examining how big data, AI and new forms of collaboration have accelerated our understanding of COVID-19, and our ability to respond to and prevent future pandemics.

The eSeries is an all-virtual speaker series taking place April 29 – Aug. 19, 2021, developed to serve the current needs of our Washington health care community. It will include a total of five virtual keynotes delivered by national experts. We look forward to continuing to challenge and engage our members with this curated content. Registration is available online.


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