Expanded support for antimicrobial stewardship

May 31, 2017

Antimicrobial stewardship (AMS) is important across the healthcare continuum – it’s not just for hospitals anymore!  Qualis Health is looking for clinics, emergency departments, urgent care centers and retail clinics who would like to receive free materials, technical assistance, data and support in working on establishing AMS in their settings. The two-year initiative will assist outpatient settings to come into adherence with the CDC’s four elements of AMS in the Outpatient Setting: leadership commitment, implementing one policy or procedure, tracking data, and providing education to providers and patients about AMS.

The Qualis Health team will provide free commitment posters and Medicare data regarding several aspects of antibiotic use to enable participants to quickly achieve two of the four elements. There is NO required data reporting – only quarterly Yes/No attestation as to adherence with the four elements. It’s a light lift that also counts as a CPIA under QPP!

WSHA supports participation in this initiative as it ties in very closely with the Choosing Wisely work – data will be provided to participants on their performance on the “antibiotics for URI” Choosing Wisely measure, among other analyses. Help contribute to decreasing this potentially low-value healthcare practice and help to preserve the effectiveness of our currently available antibiotics! Interested? Contact Jason Lempp at jasonl@qualishealth.org or Sharon Eloranta sharone@qualishealth.org. (Jennifer Graves)


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