Eric Lewis to join WSHA as CFO

May 7, 2020

And now for some non-COVID happy news: I am delighted to announce that Eric Lewis will be joining the WSHA team as our new CFO. Eric is well known to many of us as the CEO and former CFO of Olympic Medical Center in Port Angeles.

During his time as a hospital leader, Eric worked closely with WSHA on countless occasions, including partnering with WSHA in our legislative advocacy in Olympia and Washington D.C. Eric is also the past chair of the WSHA Board of Directors and the 2017 recipient of the WSHA Joe Hopkins Memorial Award.

Eric says his happiest spot is working at the CFO level and he also has tremendous passion and expertise for policy and advocacy, so he is a perfect fit for us. He is expected to officially begin his new role in early July. We are really looking forward to working with him.

While I am excited to welcome Eric to WSHA, we will also say goodbye to the retiring Tom Evert sometime this summer. Tom has been a foundational team member at WSHA, a trusted colleague and a delightful thought partner. We will miss him very much.


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