Dreamland author releases second book on substance use disorder and addiction

August 26, 2021

Sam Quinones, the keynote speaker for the 2019 WSHA Safety & Quality Summit, has published a new novel, The Least of Us: True Tales from America in the Time of Fentanyl and Meth.

The Least of Us deepens the story of our nation’s opioid epidemic, including the spread of mass supplies of synthetic drugs, as well as delving into the neuroscience of addiction. The book contains stories of those who seek to restore community by embracing the forgotten and the ignored — unnoticed stories of those who understand that we are only as strong as the most vulnerable – which turns out also to be the message of the coronavirus pandemic.

“After years of interviews, research, and writing, finally, that’s what this national saga has left me with,” Quinones writes. “That the lessons of neuroscience, the epidemic, and the pandemic are really the same: That we are strongest in community, as weak as our most vulnerable, and the least of us lie within us all.” (Emily Pate)


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