Delta variant has created additional risks for our pregnant population

September 30, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to have a devastating impact on communities across the country, and the Delta variant has created additional risks for our pregnant population. WSHA is committed to supporting our obstetrical departments with the information they need to provide the best care for these high-risk patients. One important way we have helped is by sharing current research and best practice recommendations for these patients.

The WSHA Safe Delivery Roadmap recently held two webinars focused on COVID-19 in pregnancy. Dr. Kristin Adams Waldorf, Maternal Fetal Medicine physician, UW professor and researcher, shared her research findings highlighting the unique effects of the Delta variant on the placenta and the impact of COVID-19 on pregnancies within Washington State. Dr. Katherine Eastwood, Maternal Fetal Medicine physician at Swedish, and Dr. LaVone Simmons, Maternal Fetal Medicine physician, UW Clinical Assistant Professor, OB & GYN Medical Director at UW, have provided care to this vulnerable patient population, many of whom have been transferred into their hospitals due to the severity of their disease and need for advanced care.

Within their presentation, they shared best care practice recommendations, including administration of monoclonal antibodies. Dr. Simmons shared a valuable resource created by the Division of UW MFM providers entitled: “COVID & Pregnancy: Vaccine Considerations and Management Recommendations after COVID-19,” which you can read online.

WSHA is committed to partnering with you to address and combat the COVID-19 pandemic. A key initiative remains encouragement of vaccination prior to or during pregnancy, which has been shown to decrease disease in mother and newborn. Please contact Mary Kay Ausenhus at or Trish Anderson at for further details. (Mary Kay Ausenhus)


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