DASH website changes to improve user experience in two phases

December 6, 2023

DASH, or Data Analytics Service Hub is a platform that allows you to slice and dice data from multiple sources to look at trends and compare hospital performance of various metrics, and we have recently begun changes to improve user experience.

The first phase changes occurred to the website on Nov. 20.  On the homepage, users will see the three tools that are offered on DASH: DASH, DASH Premium, and BPBT. Opioid work has been extracted from the previous “Safety & Quality” menu and is now bucketed under its initiative name, “BPBT” (“Better Prescribing Better Treatment”). The remaining “Safety & Quality” content as well as the “Finance” and “Rural Health Collaborative” content has been placed under the tool “DASH.” There is no change to the way DASH Premium members access content currently.

Users can now add dashboards and reports to your favorites section, which will be easily accessible from your homepage. Additionally, users can now see their three most recently accessed pages, dashboards or reports in the “most recently viewed” tab, and they can also click on a dedicated page to contact the WSHA team.

The second phase of changes will come later this month, with the DASH Premium homepage becoming active with new content and claim contexts. Users will also be able to use keywords, which will allow them to filter the content down to dashboards and reports that contain the specific inputted keyword. (Jessica Jenkins)



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