Credentialing and insurance enrollment: re-introduction to credentials verification services and how they can create efficiencies

March 1, 2023

Join Washington Hospital Services Industry Partner Health Services Corporation (HSC) for the first in a series of “Lunch Bites” – webinars on Credentialing and Provider Enrollment. The first webinar in the series will discuss Credentialing and Insurance Enrollment: Re-Introduction to Credentials Verification Services and How They Can Create Efficiencies, Tuesday, March 14, 12:00-1:00.
Did you know that the average credentialing process for a provider can take up to 120 days?  Can your team afford to wait that long?  This webinar will re-introduce you to the Credentials Verification and Provider Enrollment processes that create time and process efficiencies.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how faster turnaround times can greatly reduce the wait time and have your provider seeing patients faster
  • Recognize the ‘symptoms’ of an organization who may need a Credentials Service Provider
  • Learn about software helps to streamline the process to create time and process efficiencies
  • What should you expect from an insurance enrollment provider?

Grab your lunch and learn more about Credentialing and Insurance Enrollment!


The Washington Hospital Services Industry Partner program connects hospitals with product and service organizations to create efficiencies, lower costs and deliver exceptional health care. For more information about Health Services Corporation (HSC) or the WHS Industry Partner Program, contact Cynthia Hay at or call (206) 216-2526


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