Correction to Hospital Safety Net Assessment Amount and Due Date

September 17, 2015

Special Fiscal Watch


Because of an error in the calculation of the assessment amounts, the Health Care Authority is reissuing the assessment invoices for the first quarter of State Fiscal Year 2016. You should have received their announcement (below) along with a corrected invoice. WSHA worked closely with HCA on this issue and agrees that reissuing the Q1 assessment invoices at this point is the best approach. Because of the 30-day notice requirement, the assessments for the first quarter will be due mid-October rather than the original September 30 due date. Assessments for the remainder of the year will follow normal timing.


We are pleased that this will not delay payments to hospitals under the program. HCA will issue direct lump sum safety net assessment program payments to hospitals in late September. Payments from managed care plans will also be made during this general timeframe. We encourage hospitals to make their assessment payments to the state in advance of the revised due date if they are able to do so.


If you have questions regarding the program, please contact Andrew Busz, WSHA Policy Director, Finance, at (206) 216-2533 orĀ


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