Cordant Health Solutions provides naloxone with opioid prescriptions

September 13, 2017

cordant-health-solutions-logoSpecialized controlled substance pharmacies operated by Cordant Health Solutions are making the life-saving drug naloxone available to patients who are prescribed opioid pain medications. According to preliminary data reported by The New York Times, opioid overdoses are now the leading cause of death in adults under 50 with overdose deaths in 2016 most likely exceeding 59,000, marking the largest annual jump ever recorded.

“What makes our naloxone program different is we work proactively with physicians who send their patients to our Cordant pharmacies to educate patients about the importance of having this life-saving medication available when taking an opioid for pain management,” said Susan Sommer, CEO of Cordant. “Our goal is for patients to overcome the stigma associated with it. Naloxone should be considered a safety precaution similar to having injectable epinephrine in the house to treat a severe allergic reaction.” Read more about how Cordant Health Solutions is keeping patients safe when they have an opioid prescription. (Beth Zborowski)


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