Coordinating PPE donations and avoiding unscrupulous sellers

March 27, 2020

WSHA has partnered with the dental, veterinarian, builders, and life sciences associations to get supplies donated to hospitals. We asked hospital purchasing leaders how they would like supplies donated and posted the information on a website, which we’ve shared with these associations. So that you are not inundated, we’ve kept the website as private as we can. If you need to update your information, please contact Ed Phippen at

WSHA has also received numerous contacts from individuals claiming to have quantities of PPE available for sale. Many are offering prices at 10x list and demand cash up front. There are stories from hospitals in other states that are so desperate that they are paying significant amounts of money in the hopes that a deal works out. We understand that PPE supplies are critically low, and we encourage hospitals to carefully vet any “opportunities.” This includes demanding that payment will be on delivery, vetting referrals, identifying where the stock is and how long it will take to get here and physically inspecting samples.

Another option for you would be to refer them to the State Department of Enterprise Services, which has suspended normal procurement rules and is accepting bids from suppliers. They have the bandwidth to properly vet offers. Supplies they acquire will be distributed through the state Emergency Command structure. You are also welcome to contact Ed Phippen for this as well and he will handle them for you.


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