The mental health system isn’t broken; it just needs more attention

May is National Mental Health Month: a time to recognize the importance of mental health care in our communities and raise awareness about mental health conditions. In Washington State, this also means raising awareness of the challenges our mental health care system faces, and the initiatives that can address them. Mental health remains one of WSHA’s top legislative priorities, and although we are steadily making progress, our system still needs work.... Read More >>

Three Good Things to develop resilience and optimism

As we learned during a session led by Dr. Bryan Sexton on Thriving vs. Surviving During Times of Change, providing a workplace environment that encourages positive emotions improves quality and patient safety. Positive emotions help us develop resilience to burnout. The great news is that resilience and optimism can be learned; they are not inherent.... Read More >>

Former WSHA CEO Leo Greenawalt featured in AHA Throwback Thursday interview

Former WSHA CEO Leo Greenawalt was recently featured as part of the Thowback Thursday interview series from the American Hospital Association (AHA). In the interview, originally from 2011, Leo discussed WSHA’s goals, reviewed the health care delivery system in Washington State and gave insight into the ways state hospital associations assist hospitals in their missions.... Read More >>

May 9 webinar to focus on improving supply chain efficiency

According to a recent study by the National Academy of Medicine, the supply chain ecosystem has contributed 25 percent of the waste in the health care system. Contributors to this waste include product outdates; upgrades and conversions; contract changes; physician preferences; and mergers and acquisitions.... Read More >>

Chelan session spotlight — Making a run for it: PHDs and ballot measures

One of the “superpowers” of a public hospital district is the option of utilizing the district tax base to support hospital and community health services. However, it’s hard to ask the community to pay more taxes, and elections aren’t easy to run, especially for public agencies. ... Read More >>

National Public Health Week

April 2-8 is National Public Health Week. Spearheaded by the American Public Health Association (APHA), organizations and individuals across the country are participating in activities to build a healthier nation. Each day of the week has a different theme: behavioral health, communicable diseases, environmental health, injury and violence prevention, and ensuring the right to health.... Read More >>

Share a public health haiku

In honor of National Public Health Week, WSHA is inviting members to share haikus about public health! The idea came from a haiku written by WSHA CEO Cassie Sauer's 11-year-old son, who wrote a haiku on public health for a school assignment.... Read More >>

New health care scholarships will grow talent across our state

Last week, thanks to the leadership of the Washington State Legislature, the Washington State Opportunity Scholarship (WSOS) announced the expansion of an innovative STEM and health care scholarship program to include short-term certificates and other professional technical degrees offered at the state’s community and technical colleges.... Read More >>

WSHA in the news: Charity care with Jesse Jones

On March 8, WSHA CEO Cassie Sauer was featured in Jesse Jones’ segment on KIRO 7 News on how to get financial assistance to help with medical debt. ... Read More >>

Hospitals are relevant as ever

This week we’ve seen conversations happening in the national media regarding the future of hospitals. ... Read More >>

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