Cascade Valley Hospital launches midwife program

May 30, 2018

Cascade Valley Hospital in Arlington, part of Skagit Regional Health, launched a midwife program in December, giving patients an alternative to traditional obstetrician-based birthing while remaining in the hospital. A midwife birth is “in between the very medicalized kind of care and the kind of home birth that some women might choose,” says Skagit Regional Health nurse-midwife Cindy Beske.

Through the program, physicians remain available in case their input is needed, or if an emergency arises. However, the midwife program isn’t only for labor and delivery, as nurse-midwives care for their patients throughout pregnancy and other stages of life. This care can include check-ups and treatments. Appointments are scheduled with plenty of time to ensure patients and families get all their questions answered.

The nurse-midwives at the hospital try to ensure families who come in get what they want out of the program. “They tell me what they want to get out of their care and we really try to customize our care to meet those needs,” says Skagit Regional Health nurse-midwife Debbie Miller. Read more about the midwife program in an article from the North County Outlook.

WSHA’s Safe Deliveries Roadmap offers resources and best practices for a woman’s entire continuum of care, from pre-pregnancy through postpartum.

“Midwife programs like the one at Cascade Valley Hospital can be greatly beneficial to hospitals and their patients, especially smaller hospitals,” says WSHA Director of Maternal-Infant Health Initiatives Janine Reisinger. “These programs allow for an alternative birthing experience that some patients may prefer.” (Tim Pfarr)



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