Behavioral Health Agency rules workshops wrap up, MHP application revised, financial impact survey due Nov. 25

November 19, 2020

Last month the Department of Health (DOH) wrapped up its rules rewrite workshop series for Chapter 246-341 WAC, governing Behavioral Health Agencies (BHAs). WSHA was heavily involved in the project, as were many hospital members. All hospitals that provide behavioral health services – including inpatient and outpatient mental health and substance use disorder treatment, on a voluntary and involuntary basis – are subject to the BHA rules. DOH spent several months meeting with WSHA, Washington hospitals and other stakeholders to revise Chapter 246-341. WSHA submitted several written comments to DOH, including our final comments.

As part of the process, DOH has revised its Mental Health Professional (MHP) designation application. Documentation requirements have been eased for certain categories of providers, in line with current WAC requirements.

DOH is now conducting an economic survey to determine any financial impact that the proposed changes to chapter 246-341 might have. For those interested, the survey is available here, and due by Nov. 25. See the draft WAC language and the summary matrix of changes for more details.


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