Arbor Health, Morton Hospital develops Transitional Care program

March 29, 2019

Jim Williamson, a transitional care patient.

Arbor Health, Morton Hospital is dedicated to providing key health care services to its community. For Lewis County residents, this means accessible, local transitional care. Transitional care is essential for patients who are well enough to leave a traditional hospital setting, but still require nursing or therapy services, and would prefer to be able to access their support networks close-to-home while receiving such care.

Morton Hospital has partnered with Allevant Solutions, a joint venture of the Mayo Clinic and Select Medical, to develop its Transitional Care program. The program’s goal is to provide high-quality, easy-to-access post-acute services to patients in rural America. For many, it provides an alternative to skilled nursing facilities.

“Our community members can come home to Morton Hospital for their post-acute care where they will receive our own personal brand of compassionate, personalized care,” Morton Hospital CEO Leianne Everett said. “We have a 25-bed hospital that historically has always had beds available to care for our community. We’re ready and eager to care for our neighbors right here at home.”

One Washington resident has already benefited from transitional care services at Morton Hospital. Jim Williamson, pictured above, had two hospitalizations and outpatient therapy at Morton Hospital, following multiple knee replacements at a different hospital. For Jim, the inpatient and outpatient care he received were essential to his recovery.

Jim’s experience illustrates the importance of accessible, local transitional care for rural Washingtonians. Jim says, “If I had to go back into a hospital, I definitely would come here. If it was something [Morton Hospital] provided, I’d be here. Why stay in Tacoma or somewhere else when you can be 30 minutes from home?”

Learn more about Arbor Health, Morton Hospital’s Transitional Care program online.


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