Answers to Provider Billing and Payment Questions Related to COVID-19, Now includes Medicare

April 29, 2020

The Washington Healthcare Forum COVID-19 Work Group is compiling provider questions along with answers from commercial plans and Medicaid, including Medicaid managed care.  They are posted in a Frequently Asked Questions format on the OneHealthPort website. WSHA is coordinating with the Group and has agreed to gather additional hospital questions as new situations or questions arise. The website includes telemedicine policies and billing requirements, COVID-19 testing codes and requirements and links to the COVID-19 webpage for most major carriers. The page also includes Medicare information compiled by WSHA. WSHA and the Forum will work together to ensure information is as comprehensive, current, accurate and accessible as possible.  If you have a COVID-19 billing or payment question for which you have not yet found an answer, please send it to Andrew Busz, WSHA Policy Director, Finance at


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