Annual Meeting: Change requires new partnerships

September 10, 2015

While change in health care is the only constant, passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2010 really dropped the checkered flag. Since then, hospitals big and small have been working intensively to improve our quality, enroll our community members in new health insurance options and move toward population health.

Not all of this change is ACA-driven. Health care has its own rapid rate of improvement, and all hospitals adjust to their communities’ changing needs. There are not many hospitals left that are solely in the acute-care business. They also provide primary care, mental health, rehabilitation, retirement and end-of-life care. And they are putting patients first in radical new ways.

This work requires a new level of partnership and collaboration. The magnitude of the change is massive. The WSHA Annual Meeting is an essential time for us to engage deeply on these issues.

WSHA, which has done so much to improve health care in this state, is also evolving. After a year of reflecting and engaging the entire membership, we are ready to vote on a new governing structure that will allow the organization to be flexible, strong and representative now and into the future.

This year’s meeting is an important one. We hope to see you there!


Julie Petersen, CPA
Chief Executive Officer
Prosser Public Hospital District
Outgoing WSHA Board Chair

Gregg Agustín Davidson, FACHE

Chief Executive Officer
Public Hospital District No. 1/Skagit Regional Health
Incoming WSHA Board Chair


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