After cutoff: Bills still alive

February 9, 2016

It was an exciting week leading up to Friday’s cutoff for bills to be voted out of their original policy committee. (Cutoff calendar is here.) To make it easy, we’ve listed all of the major bills we’ve been tracking. This is just a partial list; WSHA/AWPHD staff have reviewed more than 300 bills thus far.

Bills that have not moved out of their committee are most likely dead for the session, but nothing is really dead until session is adjourned. Components of “dead” bills can be added to other bills that are still “alive,” and bills that are necessary to implement the budget are exempt from cutoffs. We will be very carefully reading amendments as bills continue to move.

Below is the status of WSHA/AWPHD’s top priority bills that are still alive. Once the cutoff for bills to move from their original house has passed, we will update you about bills that have died. We have successfully opposed a number of important bills that are not moving forward.

Bills WSHA supports

Bill number Short description
ESHB 1713 Integrating the treatment systems for mental health and chemical dependency.
HB 2080 Concerning fingerprint-based background checks for health professionals.
HB 2335 Addressing health care provider credentialing.
HB 2350 Defining the administration of medication by medical assistants.
HB 2439 Increasing access to adequate and appropriate mental health services for children and youth.
HB 2450 Allowing critical access hospitals participating in the Washington rural health access preservation pilot to resume critical access hospital payment and licensure.
HB 2452 Creating the interstate medical licensure compact.
HB 2652 Concerning the maintenance and disclosure of health care declarations.
HB 2711 Increasing the availability of sexual assault nurse examiners.
HB 2730 Concerning the prescription drug monitoring program.
SB 6036 Requiring certain health professionals to provide information on primary place of practice at the time of license renewal.
SB 6203 Updating statutes relating to the practice of pharmacy including the practice of pharmacy in long-term care settings.
SB 6322 Concerning the payment of health services by hospitals for inmates.
SB 6336 Addressing health care provider credentialing.
SB 6445 Clarifying the role of physician assistants in the delivery of mental health services.
SB 6494 Increasing access to adequate and appropriate mental health services for children and youth.
SB 6519 Expanding patient access to health services through telemedicine and establishing a collaborative for the advancement of telemedicine.
SB 6558 Allowing a hospital pharmacy license to include individual practitioner offices and multipracitioner clinics owned and operated by a hospital and ensuring such offices and clinics are inspected according to the level of service provided.
SB 6569 Creating a task force on patient out-of-pocket costs.

Bills AWPHD supports

Bill number Short description
HB 2576 Concerning public records act requests to local agencies.
HB 2771/SB 6214 Concerning public hospital district contracts for material and work.
HB 2772/SB 6213 Concerning job order contracts by public hospital districts.

Bills AWPHD opposes

Bill number Short description
SB 6021 Requiring the voters to ratify the agreement between public hospital district No. 1 of King county and UW Medicine.
SB 6312 Regulating the core legislative powers of elected commissioners of a public hospital district.

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