A strong WHPAC is vital to strong advocacy

August 2, 2019

We know that electing good people to public office who will enact smart, supportive laws is a priority for you, our members. Elected officials must understand the fundamental roles hospitals and health systems play in their communities and the future of health care. This is where the Washington Hospital Political Action Committee (WHPAC) comes in.

WHPAC helps hospitals advocate for a better health care system for Washington’s patients, hospital employees and communities. WHPAC builds relationships with state legislative and congressional candidates by giving campaign contributions to those who are and will be excellent policymakers. We work to elect people who will stand up for access to high-quality health care. Through the WHPAC, hospitals speak with one voice to candidates about the issues important to us.

Hospital leaders and the WSHA Board recognize the need to grow the WHPAC as a key strategy to continue to raise the visibility of hospital issues in Olympia. Our 2019 goal is $370,000 — up from $244,000 raised in 2018. To date, we have raised $80,000 towards our goal. We are off to an exciting start.

To help you educate and engage others in the WHPAC, and at the request of our members, we have developed the Toolkit for WHPAC Leaders: A Guide to Leading a Successful WHPAC Campaign.

The toolkit was sent out to PAC leaders on Wednesday, July 31, 2019, and will soon be available online.

Thank you for joining us in advocating for a stronger health care system!




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