340B Capture RX Walmart termination

June 10, 2022

Washington Hospital Services understands the importance that the 340B pharmacy program has for safety net hospitals and their patients. As you may know, Walmart recently announced their decision to end its agreement with Capture RX for contract pharmacy administration, effective June 25, 2022. Covered entities will need to use another TPA to capture 340B claims.

SUNRx is Washington Hospital Services’ long-standing Industry Partner for 340B administration. The company is known for its integrity, helping covered entities run a compliant 340B program and delivering the 340B Savings through its modular platform. Here are a few reasons to consider SUNRx as your TPA to capture your 340B eligible claims dispensed at a Walmart location:

  • SUNRx has been delivering 340B savings through Walmart locations since 2012.
  • SUNRx admin fees do not include switch fees, which may represent significant savings.
  • SUNRx has a robust referral claims queue to support additional 340B savings, which you may have been missing with CaptureRx. SUNRx can quickly transition your contracted pharmacies to their platform, minimizing any security risks and the potential impact on your program, while retrospectively capturing 340B eligible claims back to the CaptureRx termination effective date of June 25, 2022.

If you are interested in more information, please contact Ed Phippen at edp@wsha.org.


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