2020 PAC campaign kicks off with new goals and a new name

June 11, 2020

Elections and campaigns must go on – even in a pandemic. Endorsed by the WSHA Board of Trustees, we have officially launched our annual PAC campaign, with a goal of raising $435,000. We understand that fundraising may be challenging in the midst of a pandemic, yet the need to support candidates continues. In fact, we are in the midst of working with members to make early campaign contributions to key legislators running for re-election. This is an important election year – in Washington, all 98 representatives and half the senators are up for re-election. Our ability to significantly impact the political process depends upon your leadership, advocacy and financial support! Please be on the lookout for the campaign materials.

You may have also noticed that we have a new name: Hospitals for a Healthy Future PAC (formerly the Washington Hospital PAC). WSHA’s Public Policy Committee members feel that this better reflects our vision for political engagement. We hope you like our new name and look!

Your support of the PAC is a tremendous part of our advocacy program. It helps us support and elect health care champions and amplifies our political voice.


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