2017 Bree Collaborative Areas of Focus Does Not Include Prior Authorizations

September 29, 2016

Despite strong interest from WSHA, WSMA and members of the two organizations, the Bree Collaborative voted last week to not address prior authorization as a major focus area for the upcoming year. WSHA submitted a letter of support for the Collaborative to take up prior authorization as a topic of interest given the vast array of different prior authorization requirements, burden on patients and inefficient use of health care resources. While the Collaborative will not directly address the issue of prior authorizations, Dr. Hugh Straley, Chair of the Collaborative, suggested that WSHA, WSMA and the Collaborative jointly convene stakeholders to have discussions on how to help improve the process.  WSHA looks forward to participating in the stakeholder work group opportunity. and working collectively on this issue.

The Bree Collaborative, a group of Governor-appointed clinical leaders from health care purchasers, hospitals, providers, and state agencies selects its topics of focus each year.  By statute, the Collaborative is tasked with addressing areas in health care where there is variation in both cost and quality. The following topics were selected for 2017: 1. Opioid use disorder, 2. Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias and 3. Hysterectomies.

Recommendations from the Collaborative on the selected 2017 topics will be submitted to theWashington State Health Care Authority. The agency can elect to use the Collaborative’ s recommendations to inform contracting and purchasing for Medicaid and state employee programs. We anticipate that future Health Care Authority contracts will contain more recommendations and practice guidelines from the Bree Collaborative. (Ian Corbridge ianc@wsha.org or (206) 216-2514).


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