2015 Legislative Session Webcast

2015 was a particularly challenging year in the Washington State Legislature, but now that it’s over, it’s time to review what happened on WSHA’s major initiatives. This webcast reviewed the outcomes of the session, including the hospital safety net assessment, mental health funding, pharmacy issues, physician residencies and more.... Read More >>

New Notice and Timing Requirements for Medical Liens

The purpose of this bulletin is to provide an overview of new requirements to the medical lien law. Please share with your financial assistance staff as appropriate. A new law (HB 1053) on medical liens was enacted this session. The law creates new requirements to provide notice of the use of medical liens and to remove liens following payment. This provision applies to all Washington state hospitals that use medical liens. The law goes into effect on July 24, 2015.... Read More >>

WSHA Wins on Certificate of Need

SEATTLE, Wash. — The Washington State Supreme Court today unanimously invalidated the state Department of Health’s expanded Certificate of Need rule, which would have significantly increased the number and type of hospital... Read More >>

Weekly Report for July 9, 2015 – Safe Imaging Practices for Children

When we have a family member who is sick or hurt, all of us know the feeling of being desperate to know what’s wrong. We feel helpless and scared, and... Read More >>

Legislators Reach Agreement on Budgets, Avoid State Shutdown

The Washington State Legislature narrowly avoided a shutdown of state services by agreeing on operating and capital budgets for Fiscal Years 2015-2017. The compromise budgets are very good for hospitals... Read More >>

Weekly Report for July 2, 2015 – In the Face of Fire

Again this year, our neighbors in the central part of the state are fighting fires and watching the skies warily for smoke. Hundreds have had to evacuate and about 30 homes... Read More >>


The Washington State Legislature has narrowly avoided a complete shutdown of state services by agreeing on operating and capital budgets for Fiscal Years 2015-2017. The Governor has announced his intention... Read More >>

WSHA Response to U.S. Supreme Court Verdict

May 15, 2015, SEATTLE, Wash. — Today, the U.S. Supreme Court has supported, with a 6-3 vote, the federal government’s right to set up health insurance exchanges and subsidize individual... Read More >>

Weekly Report for June 25, 2015 – Celebrating Chelan!

More than a dozen WSHA and AWPHD staff spent most of the week in Chelan for our annual Rural Leadership Conference. Despite the excruciatingly beautiful weather, hospital board members and... Read More >>

Implications of King v. Burwell for Washington State

The purpose of this bulletin is to highlight potential implications for Washington State of the U.S. Supreme Court’s upcoming decision in King v. Burwell. The key question in King v. Burwell is whether subsidies (tax credits and cost-sharing) will continue to be available for people who purchase health insurance through a marketplace created by the federal government. Most news coverage of King v. Burwell focuses on the impact for states with federally-run health exchanges. Washington State operates a state-run exchange, but the case could have consequences nationally which impact our state.... Read More >>

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