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WSHA Partnership for Patients Reduces Number of Women in ICU for Preeclampsia by 76.6% Recent data shows that since the first quarter of 2012 the number of women admitted to Washington hospital ICUs for preeclampsia decreased by 76.6%. Preeclampsia is a complication of pregnancy characterized by high blood pressure and large amounts of protein in... Read More >>

Working Through Uncertainty to Care for Patients in Mental Health Crisis

Almost immediately after we sent out Weekly Report last week, the state Supreme Court issued its ruling In re the Detention of: D.W., a court case over psychiatric boarding in Pierce County. The ruling was crystal clear and wide-reaching. It is not acceptable for the state to detain patients in hospitals when there is no... Read More >>

Supreme Court Decision on Single Bed Certifications May Impact Payments

While operational challenges will undoubtedly unfold after last week’s Washington State Supreme Court decision to end the practice of psychiatric boarding through Single Bed Certifications (SBCs) for patients without medical comorbidities, we may also see impacts to hospital payments authorized through SBCs. The Washington State Hospital Association (WSHA) is aware that some hospitals provide psychiatric treatment and... Read More >>

Bree Collaborative’s Draft Surgery Bundle Recommendations

To inform you about the Dr. Robert Bree Collaborative draft report on Lumbar Fusion Surgery Bundle and the companion report on Spinal Fusion Warranty. We encourage you to comment on the reports, after reading them along with the issues discussed in this bulletin.... Read More >>

Governor’s Office: Patients in mental health crisis can be detained

Governor Jay Inslee’s office has notified the Washington State Hospital Association and the Washington State Medical Association that the state will temporarily continue to allow the detention of patients experiencing a mental health crisis, confirming hospitals will not be required to discharge patients. In the wake of Thursday’s Supreme Court ruling that ended the practice... Read More >>

Supreme Court Rules Patients Cannot Be Boarded Due to Crowded Evaluation and Treatment Facilities

A unanimous Washington State Supreme Court has issued a major win for patients who are waiting in emergency departments for psychiatric care.  The Washington State Supreme Court unanimously ruled solidly on the side of patients today, finding that patients who are in psychiatric crisis cannot be boarded in hospitals just because the appropriate evaluation and... Read More >>

Washington State Fires are Still Burning, and Still Teaching Us

For weeks, the fires in Okanogan County led the news. And then… they didn’t. Because the fires were over, right? No. In fact, many estimate that parts of Okanogan County will burn until winter, when rain and snow will finally put them to rest. There are 5 major active fires going in Okanogan, Chelan, Kittitas... Read More >>

Hospital Disparity Efforts to be Highlighted

African American patients may have a higher rate of hospital-acquired conditions than white patients, according to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Although the data is preliminary and not adjusted for factors such as age and chronic diseases, it speaks to the reality that there is a disparity in health care across cultural, racial, and... Read More >>

New Signage, Notification, and Reporting Requirements for Provider-Based Clinics

During its 2012 session, the Legislature passed House Bill 2582, an act relating to billing practices for health care services. The goal of the legislation is to ensure patients are informed about the potential for additional charges and out of pocket costs for services at provider-based clinics. ... Read More >>

State law requirement that hospitals and health care providers provide estimated charges

The Washington State Hospital Association (WSHA) has often heard from state legislators who want patients to have access to better information about health care costs. WSHA supports transparency, but has been concerned that responding to requests for information about charges may not help in educating patients.... Read More >>

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