Dr. Robert Bree Collaborative

The Bree Collaboration is a public-private partnership that brings together health care system stakeholders to “identify and promote strategies that improve patient health outcomes, health care service quality, and the affordability of health care.”

Ian Corbridge, WSHA’s policy director for clinical issues, supports WSHA’s engagement with the Collaborative.

Background (from www.breecollaborative.org/about/) 

In 2011, the Washington State Legislature established the Dr. Robert Bree Collaborative so that public and private health care stakeholders would have the opportunity to identify specific ways to improve health care quality, outcomes, and affordability in Washington State. These stakeholders are appointed by the Governor as Collaborative members and represent public health care purchasers for Washington State, private health care purchasers (employers and union trusts), health plans, physicians and other health care providers, hospitals, and quality improvement organizations.


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