Learning Events

WSHA has teamed up with local and national experts to provide new and innovative ways for your facility to reach their PFE goals.  This page features events hosted by WSHA and directly by CMS.

Upcoming Events

WSHA: September 26, 2017: PFE Metric #4 presentation at Rural Quality Leader Day Conference in Yakima, WA

WSHA: October 2, 2017 – PFE Metric #4 Webinar

WSHA: November 8, 2017 – PFE in person Bootcamp in Spokane, WA

WSHA: November 14, 2017 – PFE Metric #5

WSHA: February 28, 2018 – PFE in person Bootcamp in Seattle, WA


Past Events

If you are interested in a recording or slides from a past event, please reach out to Anjelica Armendariz at AnjelicaA@wsha.org or (206) 216-2543 and she will try to accommodate you.  Not all webinars are recorded.

WSHA: September 13, 2017 – PFE Metric #3 Webinar

CMS: August 8, 2017 – How to Help Hospitals Get Buy-in for PFE at the Governance Level (PFE Metric 5)

WSHA: August 9, 2017 – PFE Metric #1 Webinar

WSHA: August 23, 2017 – PFE Metric #2 Webinar

WSHA: July 12, 2017 – PFE Metrics Overview Webinar

CMS: July 11, 2017 – How to Create Opportunities to Engage with Patients and Families at Admissions and Beyond Webinar

CMS: June 13, 2017 – How to Recruit and Maximize a Representative Patient and Family Advisory Council to Improve Patient Safety Webinar

WSHA: April 12, 2017 – PFE Cultural Safety Webinar


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